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Aptin devnet product test guide

Install Aptos Wallet

In order to use Aptin, you will need a Aptos wallet. We recommend Martian and Pontem.

Switch wallet to Testnet

Get APT for Gas

Actions on Aptin require APT as gas. You can get APT on Martian Airdrop.

Get Aptin testnet tokens

Once the test token is registered, click on 'Faucet' on the Aptin website page to get the test token.


Select an asset to supply. You will be receiving a yield on the asset you supplied. (Note: Currently APY is a dummy value)


Once you deposit the funds, you can use them as collateral for a loan. In the MAX LTV range, enter the amount to be borrowed.

MAX LTV: The Maximum LTV ratio represents the maximum borrowing power of a specific collateral. For example, if a collateral has an LTV of 80%, the user can borrow up to 0.8 worth of ETH in the principal currency for every 1 ETH worth of collateral.


Click the 'Repay' button to pay off your debt


Click the 'Withdraw' button to withdraw asset

Stake APN

Click the 'Stake' button to stake $APN

Claim reward

Click the 'Claim APN' button to claim APN reward

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