For services such as asset synthesis, Aptin will establish partnerships with developers in the Aptos ecosystem. The detailed route map is as follows:

Q1 2024: Foundation Building and Market Preparation

  • TVL Enhancement: Implement marketing strategies to boost Total Value Locked (TVL).

  • User Education: Conduct educational initiatives to raise market awareness of Aptin.

  • UI/UX Optimization: Enhance the user interface for better interaction and usability.

Q2 2024: Omnichain Lending Development and Launch

  • Omnichain Lending Smart Contracts Development: Crafting smart contracts for data submission and settlement layers, setting the stage for secure transactions.

  • Omnichain Lending Internal Testing Phase: Conducting thorough internal tests to ensure system robustness and ironclad security.

  • Chain Expansion: Extending functionality to support EVM chains like Arbitrum, Optmius, Base, Blast, BSC, broadening user access.

  • UI Development: Crafting an intuitive and streamlined user interface to facilitate effortless cross-chain lending and borrowing.

  • Omnichain Lending Beta Testing: Opening up the platform for public testing to gather vital user feedback and refine the experience.

  • Security Audits and Market Prep: Undergoing rigorous security audits while ramping up marketing efforts to build community anticipation.

  • Omnichain Lending Official Launch: Aptin omni-chain lending platform goes live, offering a novel omni-chain lending solution.

  • TGE

Q3 2024: Non-EVM Chain Expansion

  • Chain Expansion: Extending functionality to support Non-EVM chains or Solana and Sui broadening user access.

  • Market Promotion: Increase marketing activities to attract new users and retain existing ones.

Q4 2024: Strategic Growth and Ecosystem Enhancement

  • DID Integration: Implementing Decentralized Identity features to enhance user privacy and security across transactions.

  • RWA Exploration: Initiating exploratory projects around the tokenization of Real-World Assets, aiming to diversify and enrich the lending ecosystem.

  • Risk Management Framework: Develop a comprehensive risk management framework to assess and mitigate potential security risks in real-time.

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