Points Program

Aptin Points Program Overview

Aptin Points Program Overview

The Aptin Points Program is designed to encourage and reward active participants within the Aptin ecosystem. This program allows users to earn points through lending, borrowing, and referring new users, quantitatively reflecting their contributions to the success of the Aptin ecosystem.

  • Lending Points: Users earn points by supplying assets to the platform. For every USD equivalent supplied, you accumulate 1 Supply Point per day.

  • Borrowing Points: Borrowing is a key component of the Aptin protocol, and borrowers will get generous rewards. For each USD equivalent borrowed, users will receive 3 Borrow Points daily.

  • Referral Points: Users can also earn points through referral. A referrer gets 10% of the points earned by the users they refer, plus additional rewards from the points earned by their referred users' subsequent referrals.

Additionally, the Aptin Points Program includes daily point calculations and an anti-cheating mechanism to ensure fairness and integrity. Users can track their accumulated points and access their referral link at here.

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