Declaration and Disclaimer

Thank you for your interest in the Aptin Finance project, including the APN token sale and the APN tokens themselves. It's important to recognize that cryptocurrency projects, including this one, are subject to a variety of risks. Before participating in the token sale, we urge you to consider these risks carefully. The risks outlined below do not encompass all potential challenges the project may face. Additional risks and uncertainties could adversely affect the tokens.

  1. Risks Related to Token Value

    • The rights, functionalities, and features of the tokens are confined to those explicitly outlined in the smart contract. No further entitlements are implied.

    • The token market could be constrained, limiting the realization of the tokens' potential. Limited market access may depress token prices without a guaranteed recovery timeline.

    • Token prices are susceptible to speculation, potentially leading to volatility and instability.

    • In certain scenarios, tokens may lose all value, particularly if a mass sell-off occurs.

    • Tokens are sold as non-refundable, with ownership transferring out of the project’s control upon sale.

    • Regulatory or jurisdictional restrictions could limit token usage, impacting value.

    • Taxation risks may affect token transactions and valuations.

  2. Network and Software Risks

    • Blockchain operations could experience delays due to external factors, affecting transactions and token pricing.

    • Network congestion could impede transaction flow, unpredictably affecting the blockchain.

    • Software related to token usage may contain deficiencies that impact token pricing.

  3. Security Risks

    • Loss of private keys could pose significant security risks, potentially leading to loss or inconvenience.

    • Smart contracts are susceptible to attacks, compromising security.

  4. Regulatory Risks

    • The regulatory landscape for tokens remains uncertain, with potential future regulations difficult to predict.

    • Tokens may face prohibitions or crackdowns in certain jurisdictions.

Additional Statement: Aptin does not support transactions from the United States or countries under sanctions, such as Nouth Korea, Iran, Russia, etc.

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